Dr Hilary Jones says there’s no point of a second lockdown

Dr Hilary Jones believes there is no point of a second lockdown in the UK as it will do little to get rid of coronavirus.

Scientists have warned that the UK is at a ‘critical point’ with the number of Covid-19 cases rising in recent weeks. 

There is speculation that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will call for a blanket lockdown again, similar to the measures put in place in March, but Dr Hilary isn’t convinced it will be beneficial. 

‘Not at the moment because you have to ask yourself what is the purpose of a national lockdown,’ he told Lorraine on Monday morning when asked if a second lockdown is needed. 

He continued: ‘Can we get rid of the virus? No we can’t, a national lockdown is not going to get rid of the virus. We’ll end up where we were after the first lockdown with numbers coming up again. 

‘If we can’t get rid of the virus, we have to be able manage the virus and that means protecting the NHS again. 

‘Those people are still there trying to deal with a backlog of cancer patients and dealing with the prospect of another wave of coronavirus.’ 

‘People have to get real and we have to respect one another. We have to be able to manage this which means people have to get real. We have to socially distance,’ he added. 

The Good Morning Britain doctor continued: ‘I think we’ll see nuanced changes in terms of what’s recommended and what isn’t. 

‘This is tough and we’ve never lived through anything like this in our lifetimes. 

‘We do need that test and trace, I don’t know what’s happened in our laboratories.’

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