Dylan fights to bring care home abuser to justice in Casualty

After care home resident Elsie (Amanda Barrie) revealed that she’d been attacked at the care home where several other people had been abused in last Saturday (March 18)’s Casualty, she was able to give Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) the name of the person who’d raped her – Roy Welch (Michael Begley), a community physiotherapist.

Welch’s reign of terror has led to a stream of injured and traumatised people passing through the doors of the ED. Dylan (William Beck) began to suspect that there was systematic abuse going on in the care home after his former teacher Jemima (Souad Faress) was admitted with injuries after she started a fire at the care home. After that, Dylan noticed that more patients were being brought in with a distinctive wound to their neck.

Despite being warned off his quest for justice by former hospital administrator Marcus Fidel (Adam Sina) and interim clinical lead Max Cristie (Nigel Harman), Dylan had support from police officer DCI Vadra (Sheena Bhattessa) who’d become involved in the case. In tonight (March 25)’s episode, DCI Vadra is closing in on Roy Welch and is doing house-to-house calls with a colleague – and she ends up in grave danger when a desperate Welch corners her.

Back in the ED Dylan is facing an interview to get his old job of clinical lead back, but once again he’s more focused on getting justice for the people who were abused by Roy Welch. And, after DCI Vadra is brought in injured, the battle becomes even more personal.

It’s the day of Robyn (Amanda Henderson)’s funeral and everyone is feeling fragile but none more so than Jacob (Charles Venn). He blames himself for what happened to Robyn as he reflects on the decisions he made in the day leading up to her fatal car crash. He gets very little support from his colleagues, either, as they make no secret of the fact that they also blame him for their friend’s death.

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