EastEnders fans think they know who Whitney knocked over in hit-and-run cliffhanger after accidental reveal

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EastEnders fans think they've uncovered the big reveal behind who Whitney ran over in her car after the soap appeared to accidentally name the victim.

In Tuesday's episode, grieving Whitney got behind the wheel of Gray Atkins' (Toby-Alexander Smith) car and decided to take her revenge on the Mitchell's, who she is convinced are behind her boyfriend Kush Kazemi's (Davood Ghadami) death.

Kush was killed when Gray pushed him in front of a tube train last month, but Whitney has been trying and failing to find evidence that the Mitchell's murdered him – and flew into a rage as she zoomed towards them.

Whitney floored the accelerator towards Phil, Kat, Ben and Callum, but only hit one of them with a cliffhanger ending to the episode leaving it unclear as to who it was.

But it seems the doof doof doof moment has been ruined by an audio describe gaffe, as viewers using the service which narrates what is happening on screen found it gave away the secret.

The narrator for the scene says: "Whitney comes screeching around the corner and rams into Kat, who smacks hard against the windscreen.

"After slamming on the breaks, Whitney looks in her wing-mirror to see Kat lying face-down on the road."

So it appears Kat (Jessie Wallace) is the unlucky character to have been struck by Whitney, although it's not yet clear whether she will survive the accident.

Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney, recently told the Metro: "As far as she is concerned, they killed Kush – she’s not happy! Her intention isn’t to kill. It’s to gatecrash the wedding.

"When she sees everyone under the bridge, she thinks 'I have nothing to lose, I have lost the love of my life, that’s it'.

"She just wants the Mitchells to hurt the way she is hurting I guess, she doesn’t intend to kill."

The next episode of EastEnders airs tonight, when viewers will find out whether the audio describer got the victim right and what the effects of the hit-and-run are.

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