EastEnders’ Maisie Smith says she can’t wait to look glam on Strictly after three years of playing Tiffany

EASTENDERS star Maisie Smith says she can't wait to look glamorous on Strictly Come Dancing after three years of playing Tiffany Butcher.

The actress, who has played the teenager on popular BBC soap since 2008, is about to swap her puffa jacket and gold hoops for something a little more elegant.

The 19-year-old is normally used to scraping her gorgeous fiery hair into a messy bun, a face full of minimal make-up and rocking various different velour tracksuits.

But now things are about to change considering she's about to take part in the BBC dance competition and she's beyond excited to get "Strictly-fied" for the show.

When asked if she's down for the endless supply of spray tans and getting dolled-up for her performances each week, the star said: "I’m here for it all. The more the merrier. I had my glam up today and I’ve taken a lot of photos already."

Before adding: "This is the bit I’m most excited about. My character’s look is very much the same and it has been for the last three years.

"It will be quite exciting to now get to look glamorous every single weekend and obviously because of lockdown I haven’t looked good since February. Now I can look good all the time."

The teen has been busy in the gym preparing herself for the tough weeks ahead, but despite her win on Strictly's Children In Need special last year, she doesn't seem to think she's in for an easy ride.

She explained: "I don’t think that’s prepared me for what’s about to come.

"I mean it helps me in a way. I’ve understood how much hard work you have to put in and how many hours. But I’m still not ready."

Maisie has also spoken to her co-stars about what to expect over the coming weeks.

She explained: "They’ve all said it’s the most amazing experience. They all said ‘have fun and be yourself’ which I need to keep remembering.

"And also Scott Maslen was like: ‘You’re gonna lose a lot of weight so keep eating.’ I was like: ‘That’s fine, I can do that.’ If there’s one thing I can do I can keep eating!"

And although a number of EastEnders stars have done extremely well in the past, the last one to win the show was Kara Tointon back in 2010.

This has made Maisie even more determined to win the show.

She added: "Hell yeah. I’m going in all guns blazing. I’m in it to win it guys.

"Of course it would be amazing to win but as long as I stay for a decent amount of time I’ll be happy."

Strictly Come Dancing will be back on our screens Saturday 17th October.

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