EastEnders' Peter Beale star Dayle Hudson send fans wild as he strips topless in his kitchen

EASTENDERS star Dayle Hudson sent fans wild as she stripped off in his kitchen.

The hunky actor who plays Peter Beale in the BBC soap went topless for the picture posted to his social media account.

Dayle appeared deep in thought as he was snapped looking down at his mobile phone.

He captioned the image: "Trying to figure out where that £350 million for the NHS went?…"

But his toned torso and muscular arms seemed to distract from any political statement the star was trying to make.

Instead his Instagram followers were more interested in commenting on his appearance.

One said: "You're so hot 😍🔥🔥💪 Blimey 🥵🤤 x x"

"FWWWAAARRR 🔥😂😂," said another.

While a third simply said: "Fit."

Others were quick to remark on the amount of hair on his chest and one wrote: "Wow the hair on you yummy".

Trying to get the conversation back on track to Dayle's concerns, a fan queried the comments and said: "This guy posted about how money didn’t go where it was meant to and the majority of the comments are about his body 😂".

It's not the first time fans have gotten a glimpse of Dayle's chest.

Just last week viewers of the long-running series saw his character strip naked for a run around the Square.

It was Peter's attempt at impressing Ash Panesar, who he has been desperate to bed since her split from girlfriend Iqra Ahmed.

Peter and Ash enjoyed a night out together to help her get over it and when he suggested a hangover cure of a run, she told him even if he did it naked she wouldn't be tempted.

So that's exactly what he did – donning a cape from the market he went to her door and rang her bell.

As she stepped out, he stepped out of his clothes and bared all to the entire Square.

He said: "You like? You tempted now? See I'm not all talk."

But the scene ended in chaos when he tripped and knocked himself out – however fans' pulses were left racing.

One wrote: "I'm going to say it, but Peter is pretty fit."

A second said: "Peter Beale doing a strip tease on the square is what we all need in lockdown."

Another added: "I am living for these Peter scenes!"

Dayle joined the cast of EastEnders last year as the long-running character.

He soon found a huge fanbase as the seventh actor to play the role, with fans keen on seeing a "fit" version of Ian Beale's son.

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