EastEnders spoilers: Chelsea Fox forced to stay with killer husband Gray Atkins

DAYS after giving birth to her son Jordan, Chelsea Fox is still unable to get away from her murderous husband.

The character portrayed by Zaraah Abrahams is encouraged to stay alongside EastEnders serial killer Gray Atkins in the hopes that he slips up.

Following her Christmas Day wedding to the lawyer (Toby-Alexander Smith), Chelsea has been adamant on leaving and exposing him.

Her decision was made when Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) reveals what came of Chantelle, Gray's first wife who died in 2020.

The road has been rocky for the newlywed couple and will only get more hectic.

Their relationship began in June 2021, and ended shortly afterwards when Chelsea refused to be mistreated by Gray, after being a witness to his volatile behaviour and anger issues.

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She had also been living extravagantly off his credit card and showing no interest in his children, Mia and Mac.

When she finds out she is pregnant, Chelsea initially sets on having an abortion but is told she is further along than expected.

She then refuses to tell Gray about her pregnancy but is convinced by Whitney (who could become Gray's next victim) to come clean.

Both of them agree that Chelsea will raise the child alone until Gray has a change of heart.

Since then, the pair have tried to make their relationship work but have had their share of hurdles.

Chelsea decides to leave Gray upon finding out what he has done to Chantelle but is stopped in her tracks by the latter.

When confronted by Gray, Chelsea's water breaks and she is taken to hospital where gives birth to a boy called Jordan.

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Jordan Atkins – who was named after Chelsea's dead brother – is born 24 weeks prematurely and suffered from health complications.

Chelsea is therefore less than impressed when her mother Denise was out having dinner while her baby boy was fighting for his life.

But in an upcoming EastEnders episode, set to air on Monday, January 10, 2022, Denise explains that she only stayed away because Gray told her to give them some space.

Chelsea then attempts to confront Gray to find out why he made such a decision without consulting her but he only lies, stating that it was misunderstanding.

While venting to Whitney, Chelsea insists that she wants to leave Gray but is quickly told by her accomplice that she needs to act like everything is fine.

Whitney encourages her to keep the peace in all appearances, claiming that they will catch Gray out at his earliest mistake.

A trapped Chelsea agrees to put on an act, playing happy families alongside Gray and baby Jordan.

But how long will it last?

Will Chelsea ever be able to get away from Gray's grasp?

Will Gray ever be held accountable for Chantelle and Tina Carter's murders?

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