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EASTENDERS has provided the nation with plenty of dramatic moments in the past, including a whole host of scandalous affairs.

From Phil and Sharon to Dirty Den and Michelle, we take a look back on some of the greatest forbidden romances that rocked Walford.

Max Branning and Stacey Slater

The nation was gripped by Stacey and Max's longstanding fling behind son Bradley's back.

In one of the most classic EastEnders episodes ever, their secret was outed when Bradley decided to put on a DVD of his and Stacey’s wedding day, which was a Christmas gift from Lauren.

Lauren had caught Max and Stacey talking about their illicit relationship and even sharing a kiss before Stacey walked down the aisle to Bradley – blowing their cover entirely.

Phil and Sharon Mitchell

Phil and Sharon's steamy fling behind brother Grant's back has remained one of the most memorable storylines in the soap’s history.

Grant – who was in prison at the time – found out the pair had slept together after hearing his wife confess on tape to Michelle Fowler.

Grant then played the tape to a packed Queen Vic, where everyone was gathered to celebrate Phil and Kathy Beale's engagement news.

Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell

Sharon certainly can't help when it comes to bedding taken men.

In recent years, she went on to enjoy steamy affair with hunky Keanu Taylor behind Phil's back.

However, things got slightly messy after it was revealed Keanu was the biological father of Phil’s wife's baby and his daughter Louise’s.

Phil later uncovered the truth on Christmas Day, with Sharon announcing the affair to the pub.

Pat Butcher and Patrick Trueman

Pat was known for being one of the show’s most prolific man-eaters, getting through a string of men including  Dirty Den and lovable Patrick.

Despite being married, Patrick couldn't resist the opportunity of a casual fling with Pat.

However, they are seen together by Stacey Slater who informed Patrick's wife Yolande, which ended the affair and ignited a bitter feud between the two women.

Phil Mitchell and Melanie Owen

Mel and Phil slept together behind the back of Mel's best mate Lisa.

Lisa later left Phil, and unknown to him, she was pregnant with his baby.

Bianca Jackson and Dan Sullivan

Bianca's time on the Square was plagued with drama, but her first shock exit occurred after rekindling her romance with old flame Dan Sullivan – who was dating her mum Carol at the time.

Carol later disowned her daughter when she learned of their romance.

The drama followed on from Bianca's 1997 wedding to Ricky, which drew one of the biggest soap audiences in history.

Christian Clark and Syed Masood

Christian and Syed began a secret affair that continued even after Syed married wife Amira.

Their romance was unveiled by Christian himself, after Syed turned down his offer to run away with him to Barcelona.

The news was all too much for poor Amira, who later left the Square when she discovered her hubby's gay affair.

Dirty Den and Michelle Fowler

Den Watts cemented his Dirty Den nickname by embarking on an affair with 16-year-old Michelle Fowler.

Not only was Den much older, but Michelle was his adopted daughter Sharon's best friend.

Den later fathered a child with Michelle after having sex in the pub.

The pair's daughter Vicki was born and Den financially supported the mother and baby in secret.

Kat Slater and Derek Branning

Viewers were left on their edge of their seats during Kat's secret fling with one of the Branning brothers.

Kat’s hubby Alfie eventually forced her to confess after storming into The Queen Vic to confront the siblings.

The secret came to light after the camera panned across the trio of final suspects before doing a close-up on Derek.

Pat and Frank Butcher

Former couple Pat and Frank rekindled their romance behind the backs of Peggy Mitchell and Roy Evans.

Peggy’s discovery of the affair in 2000 resulted in a memorable fight in the Queen Vic.

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