Eight huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Lauren Branning’s house fire and Ian Beale’s huge mistake

LAUREN Branning contacts Peter Beale next week in EastEnders and tells him her house has been destroyed in a fire. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the Square…

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1. Lauren contacts Peter

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Lauren ring Peter and drop the bombshell that her house has burnt to smithereens in New Zealand. 

Peter begs Ian to give his ex Lauren financial assistance, insisting that she doesn’t want Max to know.

But Ian is hesitant given his current financial woes. 

2. Ian betrays Peter

Later, Ash questions Peter when she notices he seems down. 

Peter admits he’s discovered he’s not included in Ian’s will – but killer Bobby is. 

Meanwhile, Peter punishes Bobby but, when Ash catches him, he apologises and explains why he’s upset.  

Kathy tells Peter he needs to forgive Bobby as he dotes on him. 

Peter agrees and later tries to persuade Bobby that Lucy would want to use the foundation money to help the family. 

Will Bobby go along with Peter’s scheme and give Lauren the money?

3. Ian exposes Suki

Later, Ian is questioned by a Walford Gazette journalist.

Panicking, he ends up revealing Suki’s dodgy dealings.

With Ian set to be attacked in this Christmas in a mystery 'whodunit', might he regret crossing Suki?

4. Kheerat clashes with Gray

Kheerat warns Tina about moving into Gray’s place, telling her that he’s not who she thinks he is. 

Later, Kheerat and Gray end up clashing in the Square. 

But when Whitney sees that Mack and Mia are growing scared of the situation, she steps in and stops the fight escalating. 

After having some fun with the kids, Whitney agrees with Gray as he insists that he’s a good man.

5. Shirley hatches a plan 

Iqra reminds Tina that she promised to keep the conversation she heard between Suki and Ian – about illegally turning the Slaters’ house into flats – a secret. 

But Tina is disappointed when she sees that the Walford Gazette’s portrayal of Ian hasn’t gone to plan – and makes Ian look like a hero. 

Shirley asks Tina if she has any dirt on Ian they can use to help Mick get the pub back. 

Will Tina betray Iqra and team up with Shirley?

6. Mick returns with an injury

Linda and Max share a play date with Abi and Ollie but are shocked when they see Mick has returned with a black eye. 

When Max leaves Linda quizzes Mick, but he's quick to insist he was mugged. 

Seemingly back to normal, Mick takes Linda out for dinner but he’s gutted when Max talks about helping Linda with her new business venture. 

Later, Mick rings Katy and tells her he's feeling lonely and lost.

7. Linda leans on Max

Mick tries to put on a cheerful facade when Ollie shows him the costume Linda has made for the Lucy Beale application, but Linda isn’t convinced. 

Later in the week, as Mick grows more distant, Linda makes a call. 

Will she ring Max?

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