Emmerdale exit for Tracy Metcalfe following postnatal depression break down?

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Regular Emmerdale viewers will have noticed Tracy Metcalfe (played by Amy Walsh) has been struggling since the birth of her daughter Frankie. The new mum first showed signs she could be battling postnatal depression when she panicked after scratching her baby’s face. According to official ITV soap spoilers, Tracy will soon spin out of control with her depression. Will she end up leaving the village to get professional help as she takes a break from the baby?

Baby Frankie was born in February 2021 and is the daughter of Tracy and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).

The newborn was named after Tracy’s late father Frank Clayton (Michael Praed), who died saving Tracy’s life eighteen months prior to Frankie’s birth.

Ever since the arrival of her daughter, Tracy has been struggling to cope and her mental health has taken a toll.

In upcoming scenes on Emmerdale, Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) finds Tracy at the bus stop looking vacant and detached.

As the pair begin to chat, Faith buries her concerns about Tracy’s incoherent train of thought.

Later on when Nate returns home from work, Tracy immediately heads out, saying she’s off to Priya Sharma’s (Fiona Wade) and might stay the night.

Before she heads out the door, Tracy assures Nate that she loves him and Frankie.

However, when a taxi arrives at the bus stop to pick Tracy up, she tells the driver she won’t be coming back.

The next day, Nate’s confused when he discovers Tracy couldn’t have been at Priya’s last night.

Following her encounter with a disturbed Tracy the previous day, Faith feels concerned for her welfare.

As Nate’s worries about Tracy’s disappearance start to spiral, Faith gets a hunch about where Tracy might be.

Eventually Faith manages to locate Tracy, who is lost in thought at her dad’s tree.

Tracy can’t help revealing her delusions to Faith as she oscillates between severe paranoia and an eerie calm.

Faith is convinced Tracy has postnatal depression, but will she manage to convince her to get the help she needs?

In a recent interview with express.co.uk and other press, Amy, who plays Tracy in the soap, shared more about the upcoming storyline.

The actress explained how bad of a state viewers can expect to see Tracy in when Faith finally finds her.

She explained: “She’s quite delirious, she’s not slept all night, she’s cold, she’s been in the woods all night on her own.

“She’s obviously got a bit of, I wouldn’t say psychosis, but maybe confusion, and delusion.

“She ends up opening up to Faith, and Faith is the first person that says, ‘I think you’ve got depression.’

“And in that moment the floodgates open because it’s that moment isn’t it and someone else is telling you and then it’s okay almost,” Amy revealed.

The soap star went on to explain how Faith will be the one to make sure Tracy gets help for her depression.

She said: “It’s very comforting moment from Faith with Tracy and she just promises her that they’re going to get help and they’re going to go back to the village and sort this out.

“Tracy’s one stipulation in that agreement is, ‘As long as I don’t need to be near the baby.’

“It’s very apparent that she’s not ready to deal with that side of it yet but she needs to speak to Nate and get help,” Amy added.

It’s clear Tracy doesn’t feel comfortable being alone with baby Frankie, could she end up moving away from the village to take a break?

Nate and Faith may encourage the new mum to get professional medical help away from Emmerdale, but will she be willing? Viewers will have to tune in to find out her fate.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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