Emmerdale fans horrified as Jamie Tate watches Gabby Thomas suffer a miscarriage

EMMERDALE fans have been left horrified after Jamie Tate watched as Gabby Thomas suffered what appeared to be a miscarriage.

The vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – had been trying to manipulate Gabby into having an abortion.

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However she worked out what he was doing and confronted him – vowing to destroy him.

Viewers know she fell pregnant after a one night stand with Jamie.

“You think you can manipulate everything, don’t you?” she said. 

“Trying to put me off having the baby. Why would you pick a skank like Dawn over me?

“You know I thought we had something special together. We were getting on but it was just an act, wasn’t it?”

Raging Jamie called her an idiot and said she was too stupid to realise what a big commitment a baby is.

He added: “It’ll ruin my life.”

But Gabby hit back: “Not as much as I will when I tell your mum how you’ve been treating me.

“She deserves to know what you’re really like.”

Later, Jamie returned home and found Gabby in agony in the kitchen.

But as she collapsed to the floor in pain, he simply watched and failed to help her.

It left viewers horrified.

One wrote: "Jamie just stood there watching Gabby fall on the floor, Jamie definitely deserve everything that’s coming to him!😤😡#Emmerdale".

A second said: "Why did Jamie just stand there and watch Gabby collapse in pain ? #emmerdale".

Another added: "Jamie just standing there while Gabby potentially miscarriages.. No wonder your daughter isn't with you #emmerdale".

One viewer said simply: "I hate Jamie."

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