Emmerdale fans' horror as Bob Hope dresses up as Tom Cruise to seduce Wendy Posner

EMMERDALE fans are horrified after Bob Hope dressed up as Tom Cruise to seduce Wendy Posner.

The barman – who is played by actor Tony Audenshaw in the ITV soap – pulled out all the stops to try and get girlfriend Wendy into bed.

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He bought oysters, dark chocolate and put opera on the radio, in an attempt to move their relationship to the next level.

Suspicious Wendy asked him: “What are you doing getting oysters? 

“We normally have spag bol. You do know they’re an aphrodisiac?”

Bob denied all knowledge and then disappeared upstairs to get ready for the second part of his plan.

Appearing dressed as Tom Cruise from Top Gun with a rose between his teeth, Bob started to serenade Wendy much to her – and viewers’ – horror.

“Call me Maverick, I’m a high flyer, baby,” he said spitting the rose onto the floor like a savage.

Gyrating his hips he added: “I loop the loop every time I look at you.

“I’m going to fly you up those stairs and show you a real slice of heaven.”

Wendy said: “What on earth are you doing? This is too weird Bob, you need to stop.

“That might be your sort of thing but it definitely isn’t mine. I think I know where this is heading Bob, actually let’s skip the movie.”

She kicked him out and left him humiliated but viewers were horrified at what they’d just seen.

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One wrote: "Ohhhhh Bob proper cringe #emmerdale."

A second said: "WTAF Bob???? #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Why did Bob think that was going to work #emmerdale."

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