Emmerdale fans say Andrea will ‘get revenge’ after she spies Jamie and Belle kissing in the woods – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans are convinced that Andrea will be out to "get revenge" after she saw her husband Jamie Tate kissing Belle Dingle in the woods.

During tonight's episode of the ITV soap, Jamie and Belle made a risky move when they locked lips behind a tree during an Easter Egg hunt – but they weren't alone.

As the pair declared their love to one another, Andrea overheard them and looked devastated as she witnessed their smooch.

And now fans are trying to guess what Andrea will do next.

Taking to Twitter, several viewers guessed Andrea will get revenge on her cheating husband and his secret lover.

"#Emmerdale OMG yes! Andrea finally saw them, hope she gets revenge," one person tweeted, while another added: "At last Andrea knows Jamie has been cheating on her with Belle… but what will she do?"

A third person posted: "Now that Andrea knows is she gonna tell them straight away or gonna get revenge….probably revenge either way I’m ready to ship Jamie and Bell proper (sic) #Emmerdale."

A fourth viewer added: "Aww nooo poor woman had to see that with her own eyes #Emmerdale."

Earlier on in the episode Belle appeared adamant that things were over between her and Jamie, after Andrea praised her for getting on with their daughter.

Clearly feeling guilty about having an affair with a married man, Belle told Jamie she didn't want to come between his family and break it up.

However, she seemed to make a complete U-turn when Jamie approached her in the woods and told her he loved her and wants to leave Andrea.

But now that Andrea knows about their love affair, it's unsure whether she will confront them straight away or consider her options.

She herself cheated on Jamie with Graham Foster a few years ago, so perhaps she will give Jamie the benefit of the doubt.

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