Emmerdale fans work out father of Chloes baby – and its not Mack

Emmerdale: Mack on not wanting to be a dad

Emmerdale farmer Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) was sent into a panic in recent scenes when pregnant Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) came back to the village with Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill).

He had hoped the young mum was going to stay in Scotland so that his fling with her would remain a secret.

However, he got the shock of his life when Chloe came back to the village to raise their baby.

Up until now, the pair have managed to keep their one night stand under wraps, but with his wedding day looming, will Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) end up finding out?

During Tuesday night’s episode, Mackenzie confided in Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) about how he didn’t want to be a dad anymore.

As the pair had a heart to heart about fatherhood, Mack said: “I know it’s difficult not seeing Frankie all the time, it must hurt.”

“I just feel like I have missed out on so much, you know?” Nate replied. “These texts from Trace, just a reminder of how much you don’t get back.”

“Still, I have only got myself to blame,” he continued before adding: “Sorry, this is the last thing you want to hear.”

The farmer explained: “No, we all make mistakes. I accept that buying a gift to give to Chloe for…wasn’t my finest moment.”

“I do get why you wanted to though,” Nate nodded in agreement.

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“I appreciate that,” Mackenzie said. “I do and that is why you are a good dad.

“You know the right thing, you do the right thing and that is precisely why I am not daddy material…and I have accepted that.”

“Yeah?” Nate questioned as his pal went on: “Yeah I am chill with being the world’s coolest stepdad.

“Chloe and the baby, her life is up in Scotland and mine is down here.”

Ever since fans discovered Chloe was pregnant, many believe Mackenzie isn’t actually the father and that she was pregnant before they slept together.

Fans have taken to social media to share their wild theories, with one questioning who the real father could be.

Taking to an Emmerdale Facebook page, Rose McMahon suggested: “I read somewhere that it’s not his baby.”

They later went on to say: “No one knows it’s meant to be Mackenzie’s so why would they discuss it? I think he slept with her and that she was already pregnant but he still cheated so he’s f****d anyway once Charity finds out.” (sic)

Pearl Flynn theorised: “I think the baby will be Nate’s. He has been very condescending to Mack and now it will be time to put his money where his mouth is. Chloe had so many one night stands. We will have to wait and see but this is my theory.”

“I hope it is not his,” Maureen Hills argued as Sarah Smith added: “He didn’t cheat on Charity.”

Other fans have shut down the theory of Mack not being the father, with Amanda commenting: “It will come out as he goes to be with Chloe to see his baby born.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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