Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman driven out of village as Debbie and Priya get revenge

Emmerdale: Priya asks Al about where he’s been

Al Chapman (played by Michael Wildman) has been dating two women at once; Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). But in upcoming scenes, the businessman’s world is going to come crashing down when his fiancé and mistress come face to face and realise the love triangle they are part of. Express.co.uk spoke to the actors involved and it seems Emmerdale fans are going to see the two women join forces and drive Al away from the Dales. 

Debbie has got a lot on her plate, having to deal with Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) behaving as a tearaway teenager and getting in trouble with the police. 

As if that wasn’t enough, she finds out how Al is playing both her and Priya. 

After locking horns and blaming one another, the two women come up with a plan; to get revenge on Al. 

The mechanic is left intrigued when Priya tells her she now has all of Al’s passwords and has thought of how they will exact their revenge. 

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Whilst discussing how to con Al, Debbie senses Priya’s doubts and tries to talk her out of backing out. 

But after they both receive the same text off Al, Priya darkens and agrees to Debbie’s suggestions – while still privately torn between her head and heart. 

Later that day, Al talks to Priya about their future and how he thinks it’s a good idea for them to buy a house together. 

Priya’s heart quickens as she starts to suspect he is choosing her over Debbie by making this commitment. 

And she is left conflicted even more when Al declares his love for her. 

Will she be able to go through with Debbie’s plan or will Priya end up confronting Al? 

Express.co.uk spoke to the actress who plays Debbie about what’s in store for Al. 

“Debbie a character who you don’t want to mess with; she goes all out, if somebody really does her over, she doesn’t let things lie,” Charley said. 

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“I think her and Priya together will become a bit of a force and obviously, Priya is a lot softer than Debbie, but when somebody treats her the way Al has, it might just be a different side to Priya.” 

And is there going to be a friendship developing between Debbie and Priya? 

“Yes!” Charley said. “They’re very different. 

“In terms of what Priya brings to the table for Debbie, they don’t really gel as characters because they are just so different. 

“Priya is ditsy and I think Debbie would get frustrated with that long term, so I don’t think they would end up being friends, like really good friends. 


“But I do think after this situation, should something happen to Priya in the future, Debbie might be somebody she can rely on. 

“[Debbie] she doesn’t become quite fond of her and she does care about the fact Al has also ruined Priya’s life, I think she feels more for Priya that herself because they were supposed to be getting married. 

“Yes, maybe in the future, something else will bring them together,” she added. 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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