Emmerdale spoilers: Will and Harriet come under suspicion for Malone's disappearance by DS Wise

WILL Taylor and Harriet Finch come under suspicion for Malone’s disappearance by DI Wise next week in Emmerdale. 

Dawn finally put a stop to Malone's reign of terror in the ITV soap by shooting the dodgy detective three times.

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Malone had previously been knocked out by vicar Harriet when she stumbled upon the detective trying to force her step-daughter Dawn to take her own life by overdosing on heroin.

But when the detective woke up, his revenge was short lived as Dawn Taylor grabbed his gun and fired three times to make sure he was dead.

As Dawn panicked about what on earth they should do, the vicar calmly got to work cleaning up the body and told Dawn they were going to pretend Malone had gone on the run.

But next week's episodes of Emmerdale will see Harriet and Dawn worry when Will – who has no idea about the murder – reveals he’s been asked to speak to the police about Malone’s disappearance. 

Later, a frantic Dawn nearly spills the beans about Malone’s murder to Billy, but ends up dumping him instead out of guilt.

Meanwhile, Will starts to worry when DS Wise implies that he is a suspect in Malone’s disappearance.

The following day, Dawn panics when Harriet reveals that Will is being kept in for questioning. 

Later, when Will finally returns, he asks Harriet if she and Dawn know anything about Malone’s disappearance. 

But he’s interrupted by the front door slamming as a frantic Dawn rushes out. 

Will and Harriet follow Dawn and manage to catch up with her in the street where Will confronts her about what she knows.

But as they’re confronting each other, viewers will see DS Wise observing their argument from a distance. 

Might he overhear what they’re discussing and realise the family are hiding more than they’re letting on about Malone's whereabouts? 

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