Emmerdale's Isobel Steele reveals dating Bradley Johnson onscreen helps them 'bring out the best in each other'

ISOBEL Steele has been making waves in Emmerdale, with one of the biggest storylines of the year.

Steele plays Liv Flaherty alongside Bradley Johnson's Vinny and she attributes her co-star to her successes.

This week the characters decided to split up to allow Liv to explore her asexuality but insiders believe it won't be long before the power couple are back together.

Isobel, 20, admitted she would like to see the pair stay together for years to come, gushing about her co-stars talents.

Isobel told The Metro: “Bradley’s great. We get on really well and he’s really great to work with. I find that we both bring good sides out of each other. We bounce off each other.”

The actress also denied any dating rumours, insisting that, despite their relationship on the soap, the pair are just close friends.

"Brad is wonderful and such a good friend of mine. We are very similar and work really well together when we have scenes just us two,".

"I can see why people jumped to conclusions, seeing two characters spending time together on and off-screen!"

She went on to say: "For the record, me and Brad are not in a relationship. We are just very good friends who enjoy each other’s company out of work as well as in work."

The star previously opened up to The Sun about the effects of her hard hitting storyline's on Isobel's mental health.

The youngster’s drinking landed her in hospital in recent scenes after she passed out in a cemetery beside Leanna Cavanagh’s grave – and almost choked on her own vomit.

Speaking about how the scenes have an impact on her mental health, actress Isobel told the Mirror: “It does have an effect on your mental wellbeing. 

“If I’m in a really great mood and I know I’ve got like a whole week of really emotional scenes, I don’t allow myself to be that happy because I find it harder to perform.

“I have to knock myself back a little bit the night before so that I’m in the right headspace to do the scenes.”

Speaking about how she portrays Liv as drunk, she continued: “If I’m walking into a scene I do a couple of spins, relax my jaw and hope for the best. It’s hard. You’ve got to back yourself and do the best you can.

​“I’ve had a lot of messages, people saying that they’re really grateful for that representation because they’re also struggling with the same thing."

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