Film title quiz: Can you guess what movies these toys are 'recreating'?

We’re more than two months into lockdown, meaning we’re all looking for ways to make our Zoom quizzes a little more exciting…

Well, look no further as Rosie Shirley has blessed us all with the best idea to switch things up – setting up her very own film quiz.

Taking matters into her own hands, the teacher recreated movie scenes with toys and asking people to guess the movie.

Using household items, she reimagined some of the most iconic film moments in different places around her home.

So simple, but still so epic.

And Rosie has very kindly shared her pictures with, so we can all have a go at guessing the films.

Speaking about what inspired her to switch up the traditional film quiz, she told us: ‘After nine weeks of Zoom quizzing, I felt like I had to add a bit more excitement to my round, beyond a generic quiz I’d found from Google.

‘A friend had done something similar with a different film that had inspired me so I got my girls to hunt around the house looking for inspiration!’

The answers are below – why not take Rosie’s lead and make your own film quiz?

Film Title Quiz Answers

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