Freeform Introduces '3 Day Disney Weekends,' Ditching Last Year's '30 Days of Disney' Schedule

If you’re looking for some movies to watch while social distancing, thankfully, Freeform has you covered. For September 2020, this television network will include movie marathons every weekend, featuring Disney favorites like Toy Story 3, Princess and the Frog, and The Princess Diaries

Here’s what we know about what’s different this September for the television network.

Freeform introduced its ‘3 Day Disney Weekends’ for September 2020

If you love Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Chicken Little, and everything in between, Freeform has you covered.

Throughout September, the television network will broadcast Disney classics, as stated by their “3-Day Disney Weekends” schedule. This is different from last year’s “30 Days of Disney,” broadcasted on the television network.

On Friday, Sept. 4, the first 3-Day Disney Weekends marathon kicked off with Tarzan, A Bug’s Life, and Monsters, Inc., followed by full days of movies on Saturday and Sunday. Every weekend that follows during the month includes fan-favorite films created by Disney and Pixar. 

That includes a number of movies available on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, although there are a number of Disney movies also available on the rival service, Netflix. Fortunately, Freeform’s “3-Day Disney Weekends” are available to those who don’t have a subscription to either.

There are other movie marathons available on the television network, Freeform

In the past, Freeform would celebrate Disney and Pixar movies in September with their “30 Days of Disney” schedule. However, this is one of the first times Freeform is transforming their schedule into a “weekend” of Disney favorites. 

Aside from the “30 Days of Disney” movie marathon in September, Freeform is known for broadcasting a few Disney favorites throughout the holiday season. For October, that includes their spooky “31 Nights of Halloween” schedule. 

For December, that means their festive “25 Days of Christmas” schedule. There’s no word regarding whether there will be changes to either of their fan-favorite holiday movie schedules, but until then, viewers enjoy the Disney favorites playing throughout September 2020. 

Which Disney movies will be available with Freeform’s ‘3-Day Disney Weekends?’

The movie lineup features back-to-back films throughout the month of September. That includes Pixar’s award-winning films like Inside Out, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, and Wall-E.

Some movies originally released for Disney Channel will play throughout the month, including The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. There are also a number of Disney Princess favorites playing throughout the month, including Princess and the Frog, Frozen, and Moana.

For the full movie schedule, viewers can head to Freeform’s website. If you’re looking to binge-watch movies and television shows created by Disney, though, fans can head to the company’s streaming platform.

There, content created by Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic is listed in the library. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website. 

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