Friends fans' most controversial opinions: Chandler should have stayed with Janice and Joey was undercover

 FRIENDS fans have shared their most controversial opinions with many thinking Chandler should have stayed with Janice, and Joey was an undercover PHD student the entire time.

Despite finishing over 16 years ago, the show can still spark a debate amongst viewers both old and new – but these answers might be the most contentious ever.

Posting on Twitter, one user asked: “What’s your most controversial Friends opinion?” 

Offering their own insight, they wrote: “Mine is that Emily was 100% in the right”.

Emily, as any fan knows, was Ross’s girlfriend, fiancée, and very brief wife after he ruined it by saying: “I take thee, Rachel” during their wedding vows. 

After getting very upset (you would) and giving Ross the silent treatment, she turned up at the airport to find her husband and Rachel about to embark on their honeymoon. 

Ross manages to talk Emily round and convinces her it’s she he really loves, but she tells him the only way they can truly move forward is if he stops contact with Rachel. 

In the end Ross chooses Rachel. 

Due to lockdown and everyone bingeing everything possible on Netflix and other streaming platforms, the episodes are fresh in everyone’s minds – meaning the debate escalated, quickly. 

Joining the national conversation, one Twitter user wrote: “Fat Monica was completely average sized yet her weight was an entire sub-plot, while the fact that Chandler expanded and contracted constantly throughout the seasons was never once mentioned.”

“Janice was a better match for Chandler than Monica,” was another opinion mentioned by several tweeters.

While most had more than a modicum of credit, one fan suggested that: “Joey was actually a PhD anthropology student deeply embedded undercover within a self-obsessed micro-community to research high-level solipsism. His ‘acting’ career was cover for his absences to write up/ report back, his ‘thick’ persona made him a confidante. Perfect.”

Fans of the Rachel and Ross love story were horrified to read that many felt she ended up with the wrong guy. 

They wrote: “Joey treated Rachel so much better than Ross ever did. He was never embarrassed by her, he never got possessive, he never tried to change her. Uptight, High Maintenance Rachel became fun Rachel during her time with him.”

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