Friends fans spot yet another eagle-eyed blunder 15 years after show ended

In the 25 years since Friends first aired on TV, there have been eagle-eyed fans spotting errors in everything from plot holes to continuity errors. 

There’s been a lot of them – to the point that even now new ones are beginning to surface… like the time they switched babies mid-scene. 

The newest spot airs all the way back in season two, during The One With The Lesbian Wedding, where Ross is seen chatting to his ex-wife Carol and her soon-to-be new wife, Susan. 

Sharing custody of son Ben with them, which at the time were played by twin babies Charles Thomas, and John Christopher Allen, the women turn up to the apartment to pick him up. 

However, during the chat, which saw the cameras switch back and forth between Ross, and Carol and Susan, one fan has noticed that there’s a bit of a situation with the babies. 

Mainly that they went from blonde, to brunette, and back again, just by sitting in their baby chair.

Now, we know that babies develop quickly in their early years… but we think everyone would agree they’d even be a bit early for their rebellious hair dying phase, right? 

It’s not known who the mysterious brunette baby was, considering both of the twins were bright blonde, but that’s definitely not that Ben. 

Little errors such as this have become a bit of a game for uber-fans of the much-loved series, with shows stand-ins inexplicably making their way into their show due to editing errors. 

This included cameramen hiding in the back of shot, presents getting unwrapped and rewrapped in seconds, and there was even a time where Jennifer Aniston was full-out replaced in the scene with a stand-in and it took a decade for anyone to notice.  

Nothing gets past Friends fans. It’s their Unagi spirit. 

Friends is available now on Netflix.

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