Furious Peter Andre reveals he’s been a victim of racism ‘for years’ as he backs Piers Morgan over heated race debate – The Sun

PETER Andre has revealed he’s been a victim of racism "for years" as he backs Piers Morgan over heated race debate.

The singer, who is of Greek descent, lived in London until he was six years old when his family moved to the Gold Coast in Australia.

"Both my parents are Greek and we had racism thrown at us left right and centre for years," he shared on Instagram.

"When you see or experience racism. When you see it happen to people over and over again.

"When you see what happened to George Floyd, you can’t just sit back and say nothing. It’s not right, it never has been. #endracism #blacklivesmatter."

The 47-year-old dad-of-four shared a video from Good Morning Britain where Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid grilled lawyer Earl Gray, who is defending Minnesota police officer Thomas Lane after he was charged with aiding and abetting the second-degree murder of George Floyd.

"@piersmorgan @susannareid100 you are right, right, right. Seeing this man smirk and smile made me so mad," Peter said.

"Change is coming though. Now that people can finally film these atrocities, means that we are finally waking up and seeing what has been happening for years.

"Racism has been rife for hundreds and thousands of years against many cultures and races.

"What is infuriating though is when people almost disregard what is being protested and come back with ‘All Lives matter’.

"No one ever questioned that. But for all lives to matter means that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Oh man.. very sad times."

Earlier today, Piers was left furious after the lawyer stormed out of the interview on GMB.

However, the interview turned fiery and ended with the lawyer slamming his laptop down as he accused Piers of "talking bad" about his client.

This came as Piers said Thomas Lane should have intervened to stop Derek Chauvin from kneeling on George Floyd's neck.

Earl said to Piers: "Let me ask you another question. Why didn't any of the other people standing there intervene, if you are saying anybody should intervene?"

Piers then asked: "Your client, who's job is to protect people, why didn't your client protect George Floyd?"

He refused to answer, saying: "You know, it's really too bad you're so opinionated. Because you're wrong."

Piers then said he has "an opinion about a black man being killed at the hands of your client".

Earl denied there being a race issue, saying: "Oh really, now you bring the race issue into it. There's no race issue here. Two of the four officers – one is black, the other is Asian. Answer that one."

Piers said back: "I don't need to answer anything."

Earl set up his departure, adding: "I don't have to answer anything to you either because you obviously don't know what you're talking about. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to bed."

Piers said in a scathing remark: "You do realise your whole performance here merely tells the world how disgusting, actually, even the people representing the police officers are."

Earl replied: "Well, thank you for the compliment. If you think I'm going to sit here and listen to you talk bad about my client, I'm not listening to that. If you had told me that an hour ago when I did agree to stay up, I would have not agreed to it."

Piers tried to get the interview back on track: "Your client pulled a gun on George Floyd 90 seconds after he just met him."

But Earl had enough, adding: "Because he did not show his hands. Once he put his hands on the steering wheel, he put the gun in his holster. Why did he do that? Because his hands were shown. They were on the steering wheel. There. Goodnight. Happy Birthday."

The interview comes as thousands of Americans took to the streets of their respective states to decry the killing of the 46-year-old dad during his brutal arrest in Minneapolis on May 25.

They were detaining Floyd on suspicion of forgery and Derek pinned to the floor next to the rear wheel of a squad car with his knee.

Mr Floyd is repeatedly heard saying he cannot not breathe, shouting "please, please" and "mama, mama".

He then goes silent and appears to go limp as Chauvin continues to press his knee onto his neck.

All four officers have been charged over his death with Derek Chauvin – who knelt on him for eight minutes – being charged with second-degree murder.

Minnesota’s Attorney General escalated the charge against Derek Chauvin on Wednesday, and announced the charges of aiding and abetting murder for the three other officers.

If convicted, the three officers face the same maximum sentence as Chauvin – up to 50 years in prison.

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