Game of Thrones fans slam HBO plans for Jon Snow sequel ‘So unnecessary!’

Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon teaser trailer

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A sequel centred on Jon Snow is reportedly in development, with Kit Harington coming back to reprise his iconic Game of Thrones role. It will join the upcoming prequel House of the Dragon, but fans of George RR Martin’s hit fantasy franchise are already feeling fed up with the growing list of spin-offs.

Fans have criticised the network’s rumoured plans to continue Jon’s story in yet another spin-off to their fantasy hit, Game of Thrones.

The original series came to a controversial end with its eighth season in 2019, which was much maligned by fans for its uneven and unsatisfying finale.

They are now hoping the impending sequels and prequels can manage to piece back some of the show’s goodwill, though some aren’t sure a Jon Snow-fronted sequel is the way to go.

Many fans have since taken to social media to decry yet another planned spin-off to the divisive HBO drama.

On Twitter, @jackdnoonan said: “Not a good idea, we got his story, there’s nothing left to tell.

“There’s plenty of other stories in Westeros to tell that don’t involve Jon Snow and aren’t set in this era.

“Unless they have some amazing script, but I doubt it, seems like a cash grab.”

@justluca93 wrote: “No one cares about GOT anymore after that abomination of a final season.”

@Pinkcess_Ash tweeted: “Look, I adored Jon Snow, but this just seems so unnecessary.”

Over on Reddit, LordDusty commented: “Eh I’m not really sure about this. GoT ended on such a disappointing low that it’s hard to care about what happens next to the characters who were hard done by.

“It’s the same with the Star Wars sequels and having no motivation to see where Rey, Finn, etc go. It doesn’t matter what they do, what they did was a letdown that killed any enthusiasm.

“Still really looking forward to the House of the Dragon,” they admitted. “I enjoy these sorts of prequel series and I hope they do it justice.”

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And Stoic_Vagabond added: “Not feeling this. Give me a new character in a whatever part of the world, or familiar.

“But a Jon Snow spin-off, not feeling it. I’ll watch it, but who would he fight past the wall? Or are we heading into Esos through his journey?”

Although Lord-Nagafen said: “Well damn… that’s basically just the continuation of Game of Thrones. I can’t wait.”

Some are still hoping a Jon Snow-centred series could be the perfect avenue to bring back a number of fan-favourite characters to give them the ending they deserved.

Emmy award-winning actor Kit is currently attached to reprise his role for one of seven projects in the works at HBO in addition to House of the Dragon.

Other Thrones offshoots include 10,000 Ships, Nine Voyages, Dunk and Egg and three animated projects.

Meanwhile, Kit is also expected to return as Dane Whitman/Black Knight in future Marvel projects after debuting in the 2021 blockbuster, Eternals.

Game of Thrones is available to stream on NOW and Sky Go. House of the Dragon airs on HBO from August 21, with the series arriving on Sky Atlantic and NOW on August 22.

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