Gavin and Stacey's Nessa issues coronavirus advice

Ruth Jones has just given Gavin and Stacey fans the best bit of coronavirus advice – and to be honest it’s everything we needed to see today.

Ruth took to social media as her Gavin and Stacey character Nessa to talk about the Covid-19 outbreak as she urged fans to ‘stay out of my way’.

‘Oh, what’s occurring not a lot other than a global pandemic but the question was rhetorical,’ she began.

‘Now listen, I am not here to give advice, there’s plenty of others that would do that for you, it’s your life and I am not about to tell you how to live it. I wouldn’t do that to no one. I wouldn’t even tell myself to live my life.’

The 53-year-old actress went on to continue: ‘If you see me in the morning doing my daily run, my half marathon around Barry, don’t even think about breaking that two-metre rule because if you does I will not hesitate to tell you quite clearly to back off.

‘Because at the end of the day when all is said and done, no word of a lie if truth be told, just because you don’t feel ill don’t mean you’re not infectious, you could be riddled.’

Fans quickly took to social media to share their delight at Nessa’s advice.

One tweeted: ‘The thought of knowing that Ruth Jones put on a fake dragon tattoo and dressed up as Nessa in quarantine to make us laugh makes 2020 marginally better.’

Another commented: ‘That video from Nessa telling everyone to stay safe and save the NHS is legit the best. We need a series 4 100%.’

One added: ‘Don’t mess with Nessa, ever! Ruth Jones is an utter genius.’

Another fan said: ‘This is amazing! In fact, it’s made my day. Love to you both xx’

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