Gillian Anderson shares hilarious behind the scenes pics from The Crown as she wishes Olivia Colman a happy birthday

GILLIAN Anderson has shared hilarious behind the scenes pictures from The Crown as she wishes co-star Olivia Colman a happy birthday.

Gillian, 52, plays the part of Margaret Thatcher in the popular Netflix drama, alongside Colman's depiction of The Queen.

And she showed that unlike their tense on-screen relationship, the pair were the best of pals once the cameras stopped rolling.

The series of snaps showed the ladies having fun and pulling faces as they played about on the set of The Crown.

In the first, Gillian can be seen with her tongue out, while Olivia pulls a similarly silly face with her nostrils flared out.

The second picture shows the pair in costume larking about as they take a meal break in a trailer.

Olivia, who turned 47 on Saturday, pulls yet another funny face in the third image.

Gillian captioned the shots: "Happy birthday Queenie 🎂".

Both fans and their celebrity pals could not get enough of the post, gushing over the pair's friendship.

Fellow actress Sharon Stone wrote: "I LOVE THIS AND BOTH OF YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

"This makes me SO HAPPY!," added Reese Witherspoon.

One fan commented: "Awhh LOVE love love this friendship!"

It was recently revealed that Gillian was said to be “shocked” at the speed her ex Peter Morgan had moved in with new love Jemima Khan.

The X-Files legend split from British screenwriter and playwright Peter, 57, after four years together in December.

Gillian and Peter worked alongside one another on the latest episodes of the Netflix drama based on the Royal Family, of whom the dad of five is the showrunner.

It emerged the former couple had split in December, with one publication reporting their relationship had "run its course" after busy working schedules and family logistics.

However, despite the amicable breakup Gillian is said to be “shocked” at the speed at which Peter’s relationship with socialite Jemima Khan has progressed.

A source close to the new couple told the Daily Mail: “They [Jemima and Peter] have been seeing each other happily since the New Year.

“They are old friends and are now in what they call a legit support bubble.”

According to the publication, one friend of Gillian’s has suggested that Jemima, 46, had been "trying to make it happen for quite some time”.

“The impression is that Jemima has been trying to make it happen for quite some time. She has been into Peter for a long time.

‘But a couple of weeks before getting together is not a long time, especially after four years together. Hence the bemusement on Gillian’s part.

“There was a bit of a process before Gillian and Peter split but nevertheless, this has all happened very quickly and has been quite a surprise."

Peter and Gillian are said to have remained "great friends" despite putting an end to their romantic relationship.

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