Gogglebox families left screaming at explicit turkey insemination procedure

The families on Gogglebox were left horrified after they were forced to watch a very explicit segment on turkey insemination on the show.

A clip from Autumn at Jimmy’s Farm was aired, showing in extremely graphic detail how artificial insemination is performed on turkeys. 

The show revealed that they had to use a mix of natural mating and artificial insemination, shocking the families by revealing that turkeys don’t have penises. 

Jimmy explained the process, involving using his little finger to stimulate the production of sperm.

Realising what was going on, Julie Malone exclaimed: ‘Oh don’t tell me he’s going to w**k a turkey!’ 

Mary and Marina cackled at the sight, saying: ‘He’s giving him a little tickle – I bet he likes that!’ 

The process also involved a vet sucking the liquid up through a specially designed device to collect it, which had the families and viewers at home heaving.

They tweeted: ‘I have just watched a man pleasure a turkey’ and ‘Oh my god catching up with #Gogglebox after being out for a few socially distanced and with govt guidelines gin cocktails – seeing that turkey segment both cracked me up and repulsed me in equal measure!’

Others added: ‘Eeeeeooooo!!!!! Noooo!!!!! Leave that turkey alone man!!!!!’ and ‘That turkey scene on gogglebox was mad and I can’t ever unsee that’. 

It’s safe to say many were put off having a turkey for Christmas dinner after watching the extreme close ups. 

They tweeted: ‘Right….that’s turkey off the Christmas dinner menu now (forever in fact)’, ‘I’m having beef for Christmas’ and ‘I don’t eat turkey and watching that episode has confirmed that I never will again. Left a nasty taste in my mouth!’

You’ll never complain about your job again once you’ve seen what turkey farmers have to do for a living, that’s for sure. 

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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