Gordon Ramsay goes on another bike ride around the Cornish coast after backlash for breaking lockdown rules – The Sun

GORDON Ramsay risked enraging his neighbours in Cornwall yet again after going for another bike ride along the Cornish coast – followed by a walk.

The 53-year-old chef posted a string of videos showing the breathtaking views near his family's £4million holiday home, as well as a snap of his bicycle during the outing.

Urging his followers get outside and exercise on Wednesday, he said: "Wake up its a beautiful morning, wake up its a beautiful day, get your a** on the bike and move.

"Had a quick cup of tea and then decided to attack some hills on this beautiful machine. Move your a**."

He was still out in the fresh air at the end of the day, returning to Instagram to film the view, narrating: "As the sun sets on the stunning Daymer Bay. Come on, that's beautiful."

Gordon and his family swapped London for their house on the Cornish coast, earning him a frosty reception from some locals – one of whom threatened to call the police on him.

He was also warned by the coastguard over lockdown breaches, with an insider telling The Sun: "We’ve seen him multiple times in several places."

They explained: "I said, ‘Look, everybody knows who you are and this is ridiculous. You are not following the rules. You need to keep your head down and stay indoors’."

However, the star has continued to take in his idyllic surroundings, with the family seen taking a stroll on the beach on Saturday with his wife Tanya, daughter Tilly, 18, sons Jack, 20, and one-year-old Oscar.

He also came under fire last week after it emerged he had gone through a red light while on a 26-mile cycle – with the moment caught on a local's dashcam.

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