Great British Sewing Bee judge completely loses it as contestant proudly shows off 'pussies' dress

GREAT British Sewing Bee judge competley loses it as a contestant proudly shows off their "pussies" dress.

The seventh series of the BBC show hit our screens last night – and one of the contestant's work left judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young in absolute hysterics.

During the first week, for one of the challenges the sewers were asked to transform a T-shirt into absolutely anything they wanted.

So cat-lover Jean decided to turn it into a dress that had her favourite furry animal printed on it.

As Patrick had a good look at the new garm displayed on the mannequin, he couldn't help but point out the peculiar placing of the cats.

He giggled: "Roses and pussies, with placements it's a little bit odd…"

Emse agreed and laughed back: "I know!"

Patrick howled: "Who chose to put the pussies on the front? I don't know what to say."

The judges weren't the only ones who found it hilarious as host of the show Joe Lycett was also seen chuckling away to himself.

Fans also flocked to Twitter to share their amusement.

On wrote: Loving @paddygrant‘s corpsing over suggestive pussy placement. #greatbritishsewingbee

A second said: "And breathe. #SewingBee is back to make everything okay again. Pussy dress #greatbritishsewingbee."

A third added: "Quote du jour "who chose to put the pussy on the front!" God I've missed you #greatbritishsewingbee#Patrick @joelycett @BBC."

A fourth chimed in: "Patrick repeatedly saying ‘who put the pussy’s there’ on #greatbritishsewingbee was not what I expected."

The contestants have to nail a pattern, alternation and made-to-measure challenge each week.

But every episode sees one get sent home after they fail to impress the judges.

Jean is up against the likes of Serena, Rebecca, Raphael, Lawratu, Julie, Farie, Damien, Cathryn, Andrew, Adeena and Adam.

Watch the next episode of The Great British Sewing Bee next Wednesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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