'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Freaking Out After Seeing April and Jackson Together in New Promo

April Kepner and Jackson Avery are meant to be, mkay? Her “husband,” Matthew is irrelevant at this point because Grey’s Anatomy fans are still rooting for Japril to be #endgame. I don’t want to say we’re holding a grudge against the producers who decided to write Dr. Kepner out of the show in season 14, but we’re also saying it’s not too late to right those wrongs.

Sarah Drew, who plays April, announced in March that she’s returning for a guest appearance in “Look Up Child,” which airs on May 6. We don’t know 100 percent what will happen to April Kepner, but we do know that Jackson comes to visit her (!!!). The series recently released the first promo for the show and fans are *losing* it.


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Give me a sec to collect myself, pls. Ok, we’re good. OMG, where do I even begin with that trailer?! We see Jackson drive to April, but also montages of all of their moments like April about to lose her virginity to Jackson, Jackson interrupting her (first) wedding to Matthew, and them running away together.

Sooooo, does this mean she and Matthew, who got married on her final episode, aren’t together? Could this mean there’s hope for Japril? Fans seem to think so.


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One Instagram follower wrote, “if april and matthew aren’t divorced idk what i’m gonna do.” Another added, “This better work out and really happen this time.” One fan commented, “make them endgame or i’ll riot thank you very much </3.”

Sarah also shared the promo on Twitter, where fans expressed their excitement there as well.

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