Helen Flanagan insists she's not a 'lazy parent' for failing to potty train daughter Delilah, 2

HELEN Flanagan has insisted she's not a 'lazy parent' for waiting to potty train her two-year-old daughter Delilah until now.

The soap star took to her Instagram Stories today and explained she was keen to get her youngest daughter out of nappies despite struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum.

Hyperemesis gravidarum affects a percentage of pregnant women and causes them to suffer from nausea, vomiting, dehydration and weight loss.

But with another lockdown looming, Helen said she wanted to focus her attention on getting Delilah toilet trained and insisted that "lazy parenting" wasn't the reason she has held off until now.

In fact most children only start their potty training between two and two-and-a-half according to the NHS. 

She wrote: "Going back to potty training this month and lockdown.
I really do not like potty training at all.

"I would have one it earlier with Delilah Pops but because I've been so unwell with my hyperemesis (anyone knows that's had this knows the last thing you want to do is potty train your little one).

"I tried in April but she just wasn't ready I don't feel, she would get far too upset and I wasn't in my own house so was more stressful. She uses the potty at home quite a lot and at nursey."

The former Corrie star also revealed her five-year-old daughter Matilda was almost three before she was potty trained.

Helen explained that it was caused by her Hyperemesis as well as her busy filming schedule, which saw her travelling between her family's home in Glasgow and the Corrie set in Manchester.

She continued: "Going to look over my pack from @expert_amanda_jenner
Matilda was just before she was three but I was ill again with hyperemesis
and living between Scotland and Manchester, so that's why she was later.

"I was filming majority of the time so Scott's mum potty trained Matilda."

The I'm A Celeb alum then insisted that her delay in potty training wasn't down to "lazy parenting" but rather waiting until her little was ready and comfortable.

She concluded: "Sometimes it's really not lazy parenting everyone's situations are different and I want Delilah to potty train happily
where she was getting far too upset last time

"I defo need her out of nappies before baby three makes their way."

The TV star is currently expecting her third child with fiancé and Preston North End winger Scott Sinclair.

Helen announced that her new baby is expected in March 2021.

The couple had been due to walk down the aisle this year, but they decided to postpone as Helen's younger sister was due to get married in the same year.

In September, Helen revealed she had been hospitalised with severe morning sickness and thanked nurses for looking after her.

She wrote alongside the photos: "I've been a lot quieter on my social recently as I’ve had hyperemis gravidum [sic]. 

"I had this with both girls but this time was on another level. I am so relieved to be over the worst and so very happy and so grateful for my baby.

"My mum has just been the best and I have no idea how I would have got through it without her!

"Scott’s been amazing with the girls and the nurses at the Royal Bolton Hospital were so lovely which I’m so grateful for."

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