HGTV ‘Hawaii Life’: Kahea Zeitz Talks to us about Changes in Vacation Home Rentals

HGTV co-host Kahea Zeitz, Broker in Charge for Hawaii Life Vacations, chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about recent changes in the vacation home rental market. Here’s what she had to say.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: Why are people opting for vacation homes over hotels right now? Do you see this trend lasting?

Kahea Zeitz: Travelers want to blend in and experiencelife like a resident. Whether it’s finding the hidden waterfall, cooking a mealfrom a local farm, or spending time together on your private lanai, vacationrentals give travelers a higher quality and local experience.

CS: What are some benefits of renting a vacation home?

KZ: Most vacation homes are in rural areas tucked away, givingtravelers ultimate privacy and a chance to experience the island like a local. Thereare many other benefits such as:  

  • Intimate experiences: No more sharing the hottub or lanais with strangers. Post-COVID guests can avoid commonly sharedspaces or unnecessary interactions such as a front desk, elevators, coffeekiosks, or pool/spa amenities.
  • Exclusive personalized service:  Private chefs, personal concierge, dedicatedisland host, and property manager, and housekeeping. Home-cooked meals are ahealthier and less expensive option than eating every meal out.
  • Family-friendly spaces: Parents can relaxwhile kids are free to roam in and around your private home instead of beingcooped up in a hotel room.
  • Cost-effective: Splitting the cost of a hometends to be less expensive than individual hotel rooms.
  • Private Amenities: Most homes will offerbikes, beach and water gear, and added comforts.

CS: What should consumers look for when purchasing a vacation home?

KZ: Think about who your renter is. Most times vacationers travelingto Hawaii are seeking the sun, ocean, and outdoor activities such as hiking,boating, golfing, surfing, etc. It’s important to choose a rental to cater totheir vacation goals. A home closer to the ocean is going to rent quicker thanone that requires a drive.

If your home is further from the ocean, choose another preferred locationsuch as on the golf course or near hiking trails. If that is not possible, ahome with beautiful mountain and waterfall views with added amenities such as ahot tub, pool, bikes, or table tennis is sure to attract guests.

When stocking your home think about making your guest ascomfortable as possible. Consider a home with air conditioning and ceilingfans, a fully stocked kitchen for the gourmet chef, quality linens, stereoentertainment system, and family games.

CS: What about rentals? What are some do’s and don’ts for renting avacation home?

KZ: When it comes to do’s and don’ts for vacation home rentals:

  • Be sure to read the descriptions carefully.Ask questions about amenities. For example, don’t expect there to beair-conditioning because it’s a warm climate.
  • Educate yourself about the location and weatherconditions
  • Be mindful of the natural resources andenvironment. Reduce plastic use and use reef-safe lotions.
  • Always wash the red dirt and sand off beforeentering the home.
  • Inform your property manager of any damages.
  • Review the beds to confirm it’s a good fit foryour party.
  • Most homes are in local residential areas,please respect the residents and be mindful of quiet times.

Stay tuned for part two of our chat. Zeitzwill tell us more about Hawaii Life and what to expect for next season.

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