Holby City and Casualty set for another tense crossover as Max grills Jacob and Connie – with steamy twist

HOLBY City and Casualty are set for another epic crossover episode.

Fans will see sparks fly between Jacob and Connie as they receive a grilling from Max.

Jacob is not in a good mood and later this week in Casualty, as he keeps clashing with old flame Connie as a result.

The consultant made the decision to cancel nurses' training in favour of the doctors, which the Clinical nurse manager did not take very kindly to.

He gets even more annoyed when he is assigned the task by Max, the CEO of the hospital, who will cross over from Holby City.

Tension continues to build between the pair as Connie manages to convince Jacob to stay silent during a board meeting, but he has other ideas.

However, the staff nurse is unable to keep his opinions to himself as he blurts out that Connie is planning to give the exact same privileges privileges to both nurses and doctors, and she reluctantly agrees.

The two then go to her office which is followed by an almighty row, but their anger soon turns to passionate kissing as the old flame appears to have re-ignited.

The pair split up back in 2016 and fans have been longing for the pair to get back togehter.

Are Jacob and Connie finally going to reunite?

After Saturday's episode, Casualty is to go off-air for an "extended break' from the BBC over the coronavirus pandemic.

Casualty confirmed filming has been suspended until next month and the BBC One drama's last episode will be broadcast this Saturday (August 22).

The news follows Holby City being taken off air this week in a huge scheduling shake-up.

The medical drama will not air at its usual time of 8pm tonight and won't return to BBC screens until later this year.

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