Holby City spoilers: Ric launches mission to get Guy sacked from hospital after falling off the wagon

HOLBY City's Ric launches his plan to get Guy sacked from the hospital after he goes off the rails.

Viewers are well aware that there is no love lost between the two, and Guy coming back was always going to rub Ric up the wrong way.

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Guy promises to get clean, but he does not know that Ric is out for his blood.

Ric (Hugh Quarshie)’s on the warpath as he’s convinced that Guy Self (John Michie) is drinking again after seeing him pay for a glass of wine in Albie’s the night before.

But did Selfie drink the wine that Donna (Jaye Jacobs) left untouched? Has he fallen off the wagon?

His rough appearance suggests that he possibly has, though as usual he’s determined to prove his competence in theatre.

Last month Guy and Ric's rivalry went up a notch as the pair clashed over a high-stakes operation.

The neurosurgeon has been battling a drinking problem for years – and struggled to cope under the pressure upon returning to the hospital.

Holby City fans will remember that Guy left the hospital in 2017 after suffering a mental breakdown. 

Following a drunk outburst at his daughter Zosia’s wedding, Guy tragically attempted to take his own life. 

Guy struggled to cope under the pressure on his first day back at the hospital when his past is dredged up in an episode from last month.

The upcoming scenes will see Guy thrilled when a big case offers him the chance to prove everyone who doubts him wrong.

But Guy is frustrated when Ric is reluctant to let him operate. 

Ric then accuses Max of letting her heart rule her head and tells her that Guy isn’t fit to operate.

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