Holly Willoughby horrified as This Morning star reveals his wife sleep-walked out of the window on fourth floor

THIS Morning's Holly Willoughby was horrified on the show today when a guest revealed his wife sleep-walked out of the window.

Tom Swarbrick, one of the show's regular news reviewers, left the 40-year-old host gasping when he explained what had happened.

The team were discussing the moment EastEnders star Ade Edmondson ended up on the wrong side of a window he was trying to clean at the weekend.

Tom explained: "I actually think he's quite lucky. My wife is a prolific sleepwalker.

"She once climbed out of the fourth-storey window onto the roof in her sleep.

"So at least the guy was awake when he did it and could call the fire brigade."

Holly gasped: "Oh my God. Tom, that's terrifying. Get window locks immediately."

Phillip Schofield asked: "Did she wake up when she was out there or did you get her back in before she woke up?"

He explained: "It was absolutely terrifying. No she woke up when she was out there and I think had the shock of her life.

"She went: 'Oh my God, how on earth did I get here?'" He added: "We've got window locks now."

Actor Ade, 64, found himself trapped after trying to clean the windows at his London home on Sunday.

He posted: "Just trapped myself on a window ledge whilst cleaning the windows.

"Had to ask passerby to fetch help. Fire Brigade came. Small crowd gathered – thoroughly enjoying themselves.

“Fire brigade very kind and didn’t snigger too much as they rescued me. How’s your Bank Holiday?”

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