Hollyoaks star reveals if Verity will 'become aware' of Edward's true nature

Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann) found himself in something of a tricky situation in Hollyoaks, as he did everything within his power to keep daughter Verity (Eva O’Hara) quiet after she discovered he’d lied about the existence of Tony’s (Nick Pickard) brain tumour, but it appears as if there’s much more to come between the father and daughter duo.

With Verity having used her wits to investigate the situation, it didn’t take her long to discover that Edward had fictionalised Tony’s brain tumour — and faked brain surgery in an effort to take back control of the situation.

The young woman was horrified by the lengths that her dear dad had gone to, and with her having falling in love with the brother she’d never known, she found herself in an incredibly difficult situation.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk about Verity’s inner conflict, actor Joe McGann — who portrays Edward — said: ‘I think she’s in a terrible position. I think her loyalties will be divided.’

‘But I think ultimately, it’s her father. Edward has probably done an immense amount of good, she could probably think of loads of good things. It’s a difficult one, there’ll be an interior tussle going on there.’

While Verity knows some degree of what Edward is capable of, she’s still relatively in the dark given that she doesn’t know about all the abuse he’s carried out on Tony, so now that she’s discovered the brain tumour lie, one can’t help but wonder if it’s only a matter of time before she discovers everything else.

Joe said: ‘I think that she’ll become aware. Again, with children of monsters like Edward, they don’t necessarily see the same side, as everyone else does. This is why Edward is able to turn the emotional screws with her. He loved her mother, and she knows that, so she’s got an entirely different view.’

‘She knows that he gains things, because they’ve shared that before, as she’s a lawyer, so she will be gaining things too, so she knows that there’s a reason to outthink your opponent.’

‘What she is becoming surprised and shocked by is how far he will go — but he’s not particularly non-plussed. He says ‘I loved your mother. I rescued you from that plane’, so — in other words — ‘shut your mouth, I know what I’m doing!’

Yes, while Verity will no doubt continue to struggle to keep a lid on her discovery, Edward managed to talk her round, and he did so by toying with her emotions — and reminding her of how he’s singlehandedly cared for her since their mother’s death in a plane crash.

We learned a little more about said plane crash during tonight’s episode, and it’s evidently an important moment for both Edward and Verity, but is there more to the incident than meets the eye?

Joe told us: ‘I think there’s definitely more to come. Perhaps there wasn’t this Edward before the plane crash, perhaps he was a different character all together. Perhaps thereby there can be an understanding, perhaps there is some route to salvation, so yes, I think there’s more to come.’


For now, Edward has got Verity where he wants her, but with her having grown to love and care for Tony, it’s perhaps inevitable that she’s become conflicted once more. Therefore, the question is whether or not Edward would be willing to manipulate and hurt his daughter in order to keep his secret.

Joe said: ‘That would be the turning point — if Edward turns manipulative on her, then he’s kind of a lost cause. One would hope that she would provide a saving grace, or a last chance.’

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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