'Hollywood' Star Jake Picking Told Us His Perfect Night in Includes Plenty of Whipped Cream

Watching Netflix’s Hollywood is like entering a time warp. The show, set in a post-WWII Los Angeles, follows a bunch of up-and-coming actors as they try to make it in the industry, regardless of what it takes. One of them is a young Rock Hudson, played by Jake Picking. Aside from being a dead ringer for the (very attractive) actor, Jake’s performance will make you simultaneously love his character and want to give him the biggest hug you possibly can. On a recent Friday night in, Cosmopolitan chatted with Jake about what really matters: His perfect date night, his skincare routine, and what, exactly, is going on in his bedroom. Thankfully, he provided us with some very fun answers.

Alright, tell me where you’re sitting right now while doing this interview.

I’m actually at my parents’ home. They serendipitously moved to California, which was kind of a blessing because I moved out here without knowing anyone. I went to NYU for a year, dropped out, and moved to Los Angeles. [Tonight] I’m gonna make lasagna with my mom.

Wait, that’s adorable. Do you like to cook even when your mom’s not involved?

Yeah, I make a really good bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Something we have in common! Let’s talk about your own apartment. What’s your decor situation looking like?

I like that vintage vibe. I recently got a photo of Rock Hudson from Pillow Talk, and that’s up in my room, and it’s next to my window where I can look out and see the Hollywood sign. I used to go to Amoeba records a lot, so I’d collect vinyl. I have those up, as well.

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Are you a laptop-in-bed kind of guy? TV on the dresser?

Neither! I try to keep technology out of the bedroom, you know?

Sure, I guess the bedroom is best for…sleeping. Tell me about skincare. What do you do to get ready to go to sleep?

After I saw DiCaprio’s character in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood put his face in ice cubes, sometimes I’ll come home and throw an ice cube on my face. That’s weird, but I do that. I’ll throw moisturizer on, but it’s more just like sitting down, trying to read a good book.

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

You know the movie Holes? That was on recently and it made me go back and I went through the book, and that was amazing. I think it was a nostalgia thing. Honestly, I would say a motivational book because I like to read those, but that would be too cheesy of an answer. Anna Karenina, I like that.

Okay, now you’re pulling out the big guns. I get it. What does a date night in look like for you?

I’ll probably have a movie on tap. Something that makes us laugh, and then cry, with a happy ending, though. Kind of something like… Sleepless in Seattle or Silver Linings Playbook. But just watching a movie is kind of a cop-out. I want to talk. Genuine kindness is probably the sexiest quality anyone can have, but the ability to be vulnerable is also very desirable. When I’m embarrassing myself, that’s probably when I’m having the most fun.

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What do you do that’s so embarrassing?

I don’t know. Like, this conversation right now?

You’re doing great, I promise. But a night like that definitely requires ambience. How do you set the mood?

Candles, for sure. Wine. Italian food. I’ll Postmates some dark chocolate. Whipped cream.

Whipped cream? Just because?


Okay, I’m writing that down. “Whipped cream, no context.”

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