House of Flowers cast: Who plays Maria José in La Casa de las Flores?

La Casa de las Flores has returned with its third and final series on Netflix as viewers find out what happened to all of the characters. One of the fan-favourites in the series is Maria José (played by Paco León) – here is everything you need to know about them.

Who plays Maria José in La Casa de las Flores?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from House of Flowers season 3.

Maria José Riquelme is one of the main characters of Netflix’s hit series House of Flowers.

In the show, Maria is Paulina de la Mora’s (Cecilia Suárez) ex-spouse who has transitioned to female.

As fans of the show will know, she is a prominent lawyer and has a complicated relationship with Paulina throughout the show.

After their initial split, Maria originally left for her home in Madrid before returning to Mexico to help the De la Mora family.


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Now in the final series, she must deal with the fall-out of Paulina’s arrest while keeping her own family together.

As fans who have watched the whole series will know, the season also featured the wedding between the two following their long-awaited reconciliation.

In one particularly emotional moment, she stood in front of her guests speaking about the importance of the moment.

She said: “Paulina, I am very excited about this wedding, which is our second wedding, but this is more important because this is more me.”

In the series, Maria is played by Spanish actor Paco León who is also known as Francisco León Barrios.

Born in Andalusia, the 45-year-old first started his career as a comedian in sketch show Homo Zapping.

He is also known for playing the main character of Luisma in Aida and Manolo in  Movistar’s Arde Madrid.

Aside from his acting career, León is also a prominent activist for HIV/AIDS causes, working with a number of major organisations.

Speaking to El Hormiguero last month, the actor spoke about the responsibility of playing a transgender character on television.


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He revealed how for him the greatest challenge of this was “getting a ‘trans’ character out of the stereotype of marginality.”

León has also previously spoken to Iberia Plus Magazine about the huge success of the hit series internationally.

He said: “Until recently it was unthinkable for a local product to become a global one. 

“This is thanks to the quality of Spanish series, but also to channels like Netflix. 


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“This allows us to work freely, to do high-quality television, and to create products that are different and not for free-to-air TV, which tries to please everyone.

He added: “There’s a big audience for Spanish-language products as shown by House of Flowers, Money Heist and Elite. All of a sudden, a Spanish product is seen worldwide.”

The third and final series of La Casa de las Flores features 11 episodes in total, which are available to stream now.

The House of Flowers season 3 is available on Netflix.

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