How Much Is Ashley Park Actually Worth?

Netflix viewers mostly know actor Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris,” where she played the title character’s friend Mindy. But for Broadway fans, Park was famous for originating the role of Gretchen Wieners in the “Mean Girls” musical, for which she garnered Tony and Drama Desk nominations, per Playbill. She has also starred in the Broadway shows “Grand Horizons,” “The King and I,” “Sunday in the Park with George,” and more.

Aside from her musical and Netflix work, Park has another buzzy TV project on another streaming platform. She’s starring in Peacock’s “Girls 5eva,” featuring Busy Philipps and executive produced by Tina Fey (who wrote the original “Mean Girls” movie and produced the musical); the highly anticipated comedy series premieres on May 6, 2021. And with all of Park’s success in the past few years, you might be wondering how much money the actor has made. Read on to find out how much the talented performer is currently worth.

Ashley Park made a lot of money from her stage and screen success

Broadway star and “Emily in Paris” actor Ashley Park has found success on Netflix and Peacock, as well as on the stage in the hit “Mean Girls” musical and “Grand Horizons.” And with that success, her net worth has been on the rise — however, an exact amount of money is hard to pin down. According to Idol Net Worth, Park is estimated to have $9 million, while the websites Net Worth and Salary and Stars Offline reported that Park is worth $1.5 million. PopularBio estimated Park’s worth to be somewhere between $1-5 million.

So, it’s clear Park may be worth somewhere in the millions, but it’s unknown exactly how much. Her net worth will likely increase as Broadway shows return to New York City and “Emily in Paris” Season 2 premieres. For Park, being in the Netflix comedy series has brought her career full circle. She told Harper’s Bazaar that “Emily in Paris” creator Darren Star’s previous series, “Sex and the City,” was her first introduction to New York City as a young woman — before she achieved all her Broadway success.

“I really figured out city life and relationships and friendships through these characters in ‘Sex and the City’,” she told the magazine. “What I love about Darren’s characters—it’s amazing that this man can create these worlds for these women, especially.”

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