How Much Is Zuri Hall Really Worth?

Journalist Zuri Hall is proving that not all reporters are starving artists. The broadcaster has become synonymous with entertainment journalism, and as a result, her bank account doesn’t look half bad. She first made waves in the business in 2011 when she was made the face of MyINDY-TV, the first woman ever to accomplish this feat, per The Cinemaholic. She was catapulted into the spotlight with her work on MTV and as a correspondent for “E! News,” where she was made a fixture on the red carpet.

Despite building her brand with E!, she made a major career move in October 2019 when she joined NBC to work as a correspondent for “Access Hollywood.” As of late, the network announced she and comedian LaLa Milan will host the 2021 Billboard Music Awards live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on May 23, airing at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, per Today. 

After paying her dues as a reporter, Hall has built herself a nice fortune. Keep scrolling to see how much the entertainment journalist is worth.

Zuri Hall is worth a pretty penny

Like the savvy journalist Zuri Hall is, the broadcaster has managed to build her personal brand thanks to her reputation as a credible reporter. In addition to her various endeavors in journalism, Hall has an impressive social media presence with 134k followers on Instagram and 114k subscribers on YouTube. Like all influencers, we assume her monetization has helped grow her pockets.

Although it’s hard to know exactly how much Hall makes through social media, it could account for the bulk of her fortune, considering a reporter with her experience likely makes around $83,300, according to The Cinemaholic. With the lucrative business of social media influencing plus her predicted salary, the outlet estimates her net worth to be around $1 million as of 2020. Not too shabby for a talking head!

But while a stagging fortune like Hall’s may be every journalist’s dream, her success is no surprise on account of her determination to achieve greatness. “Go out into the world with a clear vision of what you want, and it’s much easier for those doors to open,” she told Paper in August 2020 when offering some career advice. “This type of specificity allows you to get clear with the Universe about what it is you want. It’s always easier to give someone something if they can tell you straight up what that ‘thing’ is.” It sounds like Hall was destined for success.

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