How old are The Simpsons as fans' minds are blown by Homer's age?

The Simpsons are frozen in time, so the likes of Bart, Maggie, Lisa and even Mr Burns will always appear to be the same age despite the fact the series has lasted for more than 30 years.

So, fans were left completely perplexed when finding out Homer’s real age.

Just recently, viewers unearthed a picture of his driving license that confirmed his date of birth. And it turns out the yellow cartoon dad recently turned 64 years old as it stated he was born on 12 May 1956.

Throughout the series, the famous family has not aged a day and has remained completely stuck in time as they go about their lives in Springfield.

However, it seems a lot would have changed if they had grown with the programme – we’d have certainly seen baby Maggie reach a number of milestones as she is currently in her early 30s! She’s an actual millennial.

While the show first aired in 1989, The Simpsons officially made their debut in 1987 on The Tracey Ullman Show.

So with that being said, we at have worked out their real ages – and it’s one heck of a wild ride.

Marge Simpson – 67

On the show, Marge is 34 years of age – which was confirmed in the season one episode Some Enchanted Evening.

Here she appears on Dr. Marvin Monroe’s radio talk show, who introduces her: ‘She’s 34 and trapped in a loveless sham of a marriage.’

This would mean Marge would be turning 67 this year.

Bart Simpson – 43

Some might not believe it, but Bart is older than his sister Lisa, and is a scrappy 10-year-old in the series.

In the season three episode Radio Bart the mischief-maker celebrates his 10th birthday, with Mr Burns later confirming his age by saying: ‘Thank God we live in a country so hysterical over crime that a 10-year-old child can be tried as an adult.’

So, if he had aged throughout the programme, Bart would now be 43. But we’d like to think he’d still be telling people to eat his shorts, you know?

Lisa Simpson – 41

Lisa is eight years old, and just like Bart, celebrates her birthday in the third season during an episode titled Stark Raving Dad.

Bart sings a song about her age, and she also writes a birthday poem about turning eight.

This would now land Lisa at the age of 41. We bet she’d have made an incredible life for herself…

Maggie Simpson – 34

It blows our minds to think of baby Maggie not being a baby in her blue onesie, but she would be turning 34 this year.

Throughout the show, she has been stuck at the age of one, with her family celebrating her first birthday in season five’s Lady Bouvier’s Lover.

So it seems as though fans would have a whole load of catching up to do as they’ve missed out on her 21st birthday, first day at school, and potentially starting her own family.

Mr Burns – 114+

So, Mr Burns is a weird one, as it seems no one – not even the creators – actually know what his age is. It’s the kind of TV ambiguity we love.

During his time on the show, the villain has varied from 81 to 104, with him claiming to have been 89 in the 15th season’s Fraudcast News.

So, while we can’t find an accurate age for him, it turns out Mr Burns would be somewhere between the age of 114 and 137.

Basically, he’s majorly old.

Ned Flanders – 93

Ned Flanders is another Simpsons character with an uncertain age.

In season eight’s Hurricane Neddy, we’re taken back to Ned’s childhood in a 30-year flashback leading us to believe he is under 40.

However, two seasons down the line in Viva Ned Flanders, Ned states he is 60 years old.

So, if this is true, Ned would be 93 years of age today.

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