'HRT could prevent coronavirus': Dr Hilary Jones excited over new study

Dr Hilary Jones has expressed his excitement over the new study that indicates the menopause drug HRT could prevent coronavirus.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy is a drug that helps ease symptoms of the menopause by replacing hormones that are at a lower level.

Dr Louise Newson appeared on Good Morning Britain where she spoke to the doctor and host Lorraine Kelly about the new study.

‘Yeah, this is something we’re exploring,’ she stated before going into how the drug could prevent Covid-19.

‘What we do know, is men have a more severe disease with Covid-19 than women. They’re more likely to die and they’re more likely to need critical care.’

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She went on: ‘So, for a while, we have been thinking – is this something to do with our hormones?

‘We know that women who are younger and women who take HRT seem to have some protection and we also know women who are pregnant have some protection as well.

‘And obviously, in pregnancy, people have very high hormone levels. So we want to find the data so we can provide some evidence to policy makers.’

Dr Louise explained how the female sex hormone oestrogen is important for immunity and the cells that fight away infection.

She said: ‘We have oestrogen receptors on these cells, so we know that stimulating them with oestrogen makes them work better and more efficiently and more likely to fight these disease.’

And it appears Dr Hilary Jones was more than on board with the research as he was quick to add: ‘It’s really interesting about the Covid-19 connection to HRT.

‘What we know is men are more susceptible to the virus, whether that means they are more overweight or they smoke more, there could be more contending factors.

‘But we need to look at it. But it’s very exciting as it looks like HRT may have a protective role.’

Dr Louise is working with NHS England and Professor Tim Spector’s team on the new study to see how hormonal therapies, like HRT or the pill could affect Covid-19.

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