I’m A Celebs Ant and Dec issue major shakeup in camp as two huge stars arrive

I’m A Celebrity South Africa campmates face a major shake up in Wednesday’s episode (May 3) after Ant and Dec arrive in camp to issue another blow.

New arrivals Dean and Joe are continuing in their bid to win treats for camp in the show, by downing foul drinks in the vile trial, Flipping Disgusting.

Blended crocodile foot is on the menu for Dean as he tries to earn a snack for Jordan. While Joe faces a blended kudu anus as he tries to win cheese for Myleene.

He protests: “I can’t believe I’m doing this for brie!”

Joe worries for Dean as he faces a liquid challenge for Janice’s treat, saying: “Janice will eat you alive if you don’t drink this.”

Meanwhile, the smell of one drink alone is enough to make one of them sick – and the two newcomers soon head off to the main camp.

Later on, Ant and Dec visit camp in order to tell the celebrities they will no longer work as one camp.

They will now be split into two ‘Prides’ and go head-to-head to win food.

New arrivals Joe and Dean are chosen to be the leaders of each Pride and must take turns to pick the campmates they want. Joe goes first after winning a coin toss.

And it’s not long before the Prides do battle, in a snakes and ladders-themed Trial, which has a picnic by the waterfall as the prize.

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