Inside Darragh Enniss marriage with college sweetheart

Darragh Ennis first appeared on The Chase as a contestant in 2017, but in November 2020 he returned as a Chaser on ITV’s hit quiz show.

Ennis has enthralled viewers, with his debut in the role becoming the most-watched episode in the show’s history with 4.9 million viewers.

Nicknamed The Menace on the show, Ennis is an entomologist, neuroscientist and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford.

But while the Irish quizzer’s academic record is well-known, his personal life is more of a mystery.

While he likes to keep his personal life fairly private, he has opened up on occasion. Here’s everything we know about Ennis’s marriage and children.

Darragh Ennis’s marriage to college sweetheart

During his stint on the show, Ennis has caught the eyes of many adoring fans who were devastated to hear that the star Chaser wasn’t an eligible bachelor.

Ennis tries to keep most of his personal life private, but he revealed some details about his wife during an interview with RSVP Live.

When asked about whether he would ever go on Strictly, Ennis explained that he was no good at dancing and gave some insight into his wedding day.

He said: “I got lessons for my wedding and after my first dance, my mother in law said to me, ‘I thought you got lessons?’

“So that was how much of an improvement I had! I can’t dance. Something like Strictly would be way out.”

Ennis then revealed that he and his wife are college sweethearts, meeting at university.

He said: “We’re both Irish. We met in Maynooth University, we did our degrees and PhDs there. We were in labs down the hall from each other and she’s from Kildare.”

The Menace has attracted many female admirers since being on the show, and has spoken about how his wife feels about the online proposals he’s received from women.

He told OK!: '"My wife finds it a bit weird!"

Does Darragh Ennis have children?

Darragh has two children but has not revealed their names.

A year into his role as Chaser, Ennis made his first reference to having children during an episode in May 2021.

During the episode, a contestant struggled with a question about a children’s TV show, admitting his children were “a little too old” for him to know it.

But Darragh got the question right and smugly retorted “my children are the right age”.

It was the first time that Ennis had revealed publicly that he has children and viewers were left stunned.

Why does Darragh Ennis keep his personal life private?

The Chase star has never revealed the identity of his wife or children as he chooses to keep his family out of the limelight.

Opening up about why he chooses to keep his family anonymous, he revealed that he’s been subject to “disgusting” abuse from trolls since being on the show.

He said: “I’ve had some really horrific people being extremely nasty to me.

“I had some people accusing me of crimes, I had people being really disgusting.”

And when asked about why he’s not spoken publicly about his family very much he said: “Very deliberately, I have been keeping my family out of the limelight so my wife doesn’t get involved, she doesn’t want to,

“And my children, I don’t share photos of my children or anything like that. No one knows what my children look like or their names or anything like that.”

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