Inside Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s family life of cooking and raising her kids as Kody shacks up with Robyn – The Sun

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has been giving followers a look inside her daily routine, but it doesn't involve her husband Kody.

Throughout the quarantine, third wife Christine, 47, has only posted with Kody, 51, on social media for their 26th wedding anniversary and for their youngest daughter Truley’s birthday.

Over the weekend, Christine posted cooking videos to her private Facebook page.

During Facebook Live, she taught followers how to make pie crust and quiche.

Christine also posted a video braiding her daughter Ysabel’s hair.

While Ysabel and Truley made appearances in the videos, her husband Kody was no where to be seen.

One fan asked in the comment section: “Is Kody there? Do all the wives still live far apart?”

A second asked: “Is Kody going to be enjoying your quiche or that chocolate pie with you?? He's missing out if he's not!”

Christine has also been promoting clothing company LuLaRoe solo, as Kody used to help her.

Last week, Christine posted photos of Ysabel and Gwendlyn getting ready for their prom photoshoot since the dance was canceled because of COVID-19.

She has also posted photos and videos homeschooling her daughter Truley, using metal detectors and more activities to keep the kids busy.

Fans suspect Kody is missing because he is in quarantine with fourth wife Robyn, 41, who has been dubbed his favorite.

First wife Meri, 49, and second wife Janelle, 50, have not posted with Kody once since quarantine started.

On the current season of Sister Wives, Christine was against Kody’s idea to build one massive home with four compartments on their Coyote Pass land.

While Meri, Janelle and Robyn were open to the idea, Christine absolutely refused.

She admitted later in the season that Kody is still upset with her for turning down his plan.

The four wives are currently living in separate homes while they wait to be financially able to build on their property.

While Christine and Robyn bought homes, Meri and Janelle are renting.

It is unclear if the show will return for season 15, as episodes were cut short.

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