Isla Fisher Says Sacha Baron Cohen Doesn't Tell Her About Dangerous Borat Stunts Ahead of Time

Isla Fisher is getting real about what it's like to be married to the man behind the legend.

The actress, who stars in the upcoming Disney+ movie Godmothered, appeared on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live where she discussed her involvement in husband Sacha Baron Cohen's making of the Borat films.

Cohen, who is known for his hilarious-yet-ridiculous stunts as the outlandish titular character, makes sure not to tell his wife of 10 years about the more high-risk pranks before he's finished filming, Fisher explained.

"Well luckily Jimmy, he doesn’t really tell me when he’s gonna do the super dangerous stuff until he’s done it," the actress said.

"It’s not a normal question of like, ‘Did you pick up the dry cleaning?’ or ‘What did you shoot today?’ Luckily, he’ll say like, ‘Yeah we went to a gun rally’ or ‘I was almost arrested,' but I don’t really have to worry about it," she continued.

While the actress, 44, doesn't hear about her husband's dicey stunts, she told Kimmel that she does "like to be involved" when it comes to helping with edits.

"I watch all the cuts of the movie, I’m sure my husband will tell you I get too opinionated," she admitted.

Fisher and Cohen first met in 2002 and later married in 2010. They share three children together: daughters Olive, 12, and Elula, 9, and 4-year-old son Montgomery.

In October, the actress shared a sweet throwback photo of the two of them on Instagram as her husband turned 49.

"Happy Birthday boo 🎂. You have had an amazing year as an activist, actor, father and husband," Fisher wrote in the caption. "Thank you for trying as hard as you can to make the world a better place 💕❤️."

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