'Jersey Shore': Fans Are Confused After Ronnie Magro Calls Ex Jen Harley 'Amazing' Amid Post With New Girlfriend

Anyone who has kept up with Jersey Shore since its Family Vacation reboot has likely seen at least some of the drama between Ronnie Magro and his ex, Jen Harley. Magro and Harley share one daughter together, Ariana Sky, and to say they’ve had a messy relationship is putting it lightly.

Now, Magro is showing off his new woman on social media — but he confused fans when he said his ex is “amazing” and treats him and his daughter “like the world.” 

Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley had major ups and downs while together

Most Jersey Shore fans always pictured Ronni with Sam Giancola, his castmate with whom he was in a relationship for the show’s entirety. However, after filming stopped, the two broke up, and Giancola has since become engaged to someone else.

Magro moved on as well; he started dating Harley back in early 2017, and outside looking in, the two seemed happy. But as soon as Jersey Shore: Family Vacation began filming a year later, fans realized that Magro and Harley’s relationship was nothing short of toxic. Allegations of abuse and infidelity plagued the couple, though they were all smiles when they welcomed their daughter, Ariana Sky, in April 2018.

In October 2019, Magro was arrested on kidnapping charges, and Harley filed a restraining order against him. Magro later filed a domestic violence complaint against his ex after claiming she entered his home while he slept and assaulted him. There were also rumors of abuse circulating among Jersey Shore fans after Magro said on camera that he was “jumped” by a stranger in Secaucus, New Jersey, which co-star Mike Sorrentino found hard to believe.

Magro confused fans with his recent words about his ex

Despite trying to reconcile several times, things didn’t work out between Magro and Harley. Now, the two have moved on with separate people, and Magro recently posted back-to-back photos with his new girlfriend, Saffire Matos. In the post, however, Magro gave his ex quite the compliment, leaving some fans confused about where the exes stand.

“[Jen is] amazing and treats Ariana and me like the world,” Magro said in response to a fan comment asking about Harley. Still, with everything that happened between the two, fans were shocked that Magro spoke so highly of his ex. People are convinced Magro misread the comment and was actually referring to his new girlfriend in his response.

“I think you’re talking about your new girl? Or do you mean Jen is amazing?” someone questioned. “Thank God I wasn’t the only one who thought he was talking about the new one,” another person wrote. Still, others took Magro’s comment at face value and complimented him and Harley for their co-parenting. “Wonderful news!! Everyone deserves love and happiness,” someone wrote. Magro didn’t reply after his initial response.

Who is Magro’s new girlfriend?

Saffire Matos is the woman in Magro’s recent photos, though some joked that she closely resembles Harley. Though not much is known about Matos, her Instagram profile suggests that she is a lash specialist. Matos’ profile is private, but she has about 25,000 followers. Magro suggested on social media that he and Matos have been dating since early 2020. Magro announced his new relationship on the same day that Jen Harley posted photos with a new man. Coincidence? We’ll never know.

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