Jimmy Fallon's 'Starting to Crack' at Home with Hilarious Original Song — The Struggle Is Real!

Looking haggard and worn down, the “Tonight Show” host sings about struggling to teach his daughters math and trying to figure out cereal as the stay-at-home weeks drag on.

Jimmy Fallon put voice to the frustrations being felt by many Americans as the stay-at-home orders across most states carry into yet another week amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis. At this point, we think maybe we’re all "Starting to Crack" just a little bit.

Looking the worse for wear, the "Tonight Show" host flopped down into a chair with his acoustic guitar to show us just what that isolation life can bring you. At least his creativity hasn’t suffered completely, though he did seem to struggle with figure out some rhymes with milk and Pepsi and chips and … let’s just say breakfast was an absolute mess.

The song itself is pretty damned catchy, and the verses are easily adaptable to anyone’s individual situation. Perhaps everyone could come together and sing their own take on why they’re starting to crack … though we suspect most parents of young kids are definitely feeling his pain trying to explain the convoluted way they’re teaching math these days.

The lyrics lamented his struggle to fill his day, including no less than two showers and a bath, with an unhealthy dose of TikTok and perhaps too much fun with Zoom.

Of course, there was a quick jab at President Trump’s recent controversial comments regarding disinfectants and the virus — complete with a very heavy sigh and a full pause of the song so Fallon could process it all — but mostly it was just painfully relatable content.

There have been lamentations of late that not everyone’s quarantine is the same, which is certainly true. But there are nevertheless universal experiences that we’re all enduring as we continue staying at home and missing out on all those little things we’d taken for granted about daily life.

Now that we’re all "Starting to Crack," maybe we’ll be a little more appreciative when we get our lives back.

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