Joel Dommett fears losing Masked Dancer job after leaking celeb clue on Lorraine

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Joel Dommett feared angering ITV bosses on Monday morning when he accidentally let slip a show secret ahead of the third episode of The Masked Dancer.

The presenter, 35, joined Cat Deeley on Lorraine, as she takes over hosting duties from Lorraine Kelly for the half-term holiday.

The Masked Dancer got off to a spectacular start on Saturday evening, with night after night of glittering costumes, wacky performances and jaw-dropping reveals.

So far, Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo and former Eternal singer Louise Redknapp have been unmasked as contestants on the show, with more reveals to come.

Chatting with Cat, Joel hinted Monday evening's celeb unmasking would be the most exciting yet, with an extremely famous star hiding in the costume.

However, as soon as he let the show secret slip, he appeared to regret it, as he joked about getting sacked thanks to the juicy revelation.

Assuring Cat the mystery celeb was incredibly famous, Joel said: "I could not believe that they would have done the show."

Cat was desperate to know which evening this A-lister would be unmasked, probably hoping to tune in to watch the episode live.

"They may be revealed very soon," Joel hinted, before adding: "They may be revealed tonight."

Cat was chuffed with the nugget of information, excitedly describing the clue as a "Lorraine exclusive" ahead of Masked Dancer's third episode.

Joel then hinted he wasn't supposed to let the information out, as he remarked: "I think I might have lost my job, I'm not sure."

The comedian had previously alluded to the celeb reveal in an interview with Mirror, admitting the person inside the costume drew the biggest reaction from judges he'd ever seen.

He said: "My assumption with The Masked Dancer was that the names would be lesser than The Masked Singer. But I can honestly tell you the names are equal to, if not better.

"There are some amazing reveals. One, in particular, took us all by surprise. You just wouldn't expect someone like this to do the show. It's the biggest reaction we've had."

Who is the celebrity inside the suit?

Lorraine airs on weekdays at 9am and The Masked Dancer continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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