John Cleese left baffled over vulva mask in hilarious This Morning segment

John Cleese left Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield shocked as he voiced his confusion over a vulva mask, and whether it was linked to coronavirus.

The Fawlty Towers star appeared on today’s instalment of This Morning to discuss his new book, but had questions over an earlier segment on vulva masks and vaginas.

And, unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

In fact, the 80-year-old got confused over the whole thing, comparing a mask meant for vulvas to face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He asked: ‘I have a question. I want to know, is a vulva mask connected with the coronavirus?’

Stifling a laugh, Holly joked: ‘No, that won’t protect you at all.’

While Phil explained that it was for a ‘different end of the body’.

As the hosts giggled, fans watching on from home couldn’t get enough of the quip.

One wrote: ‘“Is the vulva mask connected to Coronavirus?” Gotta love John Cleese #ThisMorning [sic].’

‘I love John Cleese a ray of sunshine and a breath of real fresh air #ThisMorning,’ another praised.

Many more branded the actor a ‘legend’.

Elsewhere in his interview, John took aim at political correctness, claiming that it’s a way of ‘stifling creativity’.

The Rat Race star previously made headlines after he attacked cancel culture last week, asking for a ‘woke joke’ while popping up on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Explaining his viewpoint further, he told Holly and Phil: ‘I do think that political correctness is a very bad idea indeed.

‘It started out as a good idea and then it got taken ad absurdum, and now if you say certain words, people sort of fall over and faint as they used to do in the old days if you said four letter words.

‘I think it’s completely absurd because words themselves aren’t harmful, it’s the context in which they are used that gives them the meaning. Therefore, when you’re teasing your friends, you can say, “You silly bugger”, and it’s totally affectionate.

‘People don’t understand that affectionate teasing is a bonding mechanism and anybody who has ever been in a sports changing room knows the affectionate joshing that goes on. That’s a bonding mechanism.’

John insisted: ‘It’s only mean and nasty teasing that is designed to hurt people. We mustn’t do that, that’s obviously wrong.’

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