John David Washington Admits He Has 'a Hard Time Trusting People' Because of His Famous Family

John David Washington's famous background has impacted his ability to trust everyone around him.

The Malcolm & Marie actor sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone where he opened up about the baggage that comes along with being Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington's son.

"I've had a hard time trusting people because of my family, so my relationships have faltered because of that a bit," Washington said, adding the fact that "it's Valentine's Day, and I'm doing an interview" as proof.

But the 36-year-old actor hasn't given up on love just yet.

"I'm still looking, I'm welcoming it all. I'm content, not forcing anything, just like in the work," he said. "I used to have this desperation to prove myself to so many people, prove that I'm my own man. But at what cost? That has subsided."

Washington also revealed his distaste for kissing and love scenes in his projects.

"Kissing scenes, huge challenges for me," he said. "Love scenes? I hate them. I hate 'em, I hate 'em, I hate 'em."

"They make me so uncomfortable. Maybe just kissing in public," he added. "There's a gaffer, there's a cameraman, there's the video village over there. I don't know, it's an intimate moment. It's weird."

Malcolm & Marie is streaming on Netflix now.

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