Kat Dennings slams double standards as fans 'respect' Chris Evans after nude photo but 'not women' in same situation

ACTRESS Kat Dennings has slammed the public's double standards over Chris Evans’ nude photo leak.

The Avengers star went viral at the weekend after he accidentally shared a screenshot of several risqué photos to his social media account. 

Fans rushed to Chris' defense asking people to respect his privacy as he suffers from anxiety and then flooded any Chris social media tags with wholesome pictures of the actor and his dog.

In light of how respectful his fans were the Thor actress reflected on Twitter: "The public respect for Chris Evans' privacy/feelings is wonderful.

"Wouldn't it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens?"

The Dollface star makes a striking point after 2016's 'The Fappening' – a major hack which leaked alleged nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and other female stars online.

The intimate photos circulated on social media and porn sites at the time, but can still easily be found.

Kat's post comes as Chris hilariously poked fun at his recent accidental nude photo leak last night.

The Captain America star broke his social media silence on Twitter as he joked about his embarrassing situation while also urging his fans to vote in the upcoming presidential election on November 3.

The 39-year-old wrote to his 14million followers: “Now that I have your attention…. VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

His latest post comes days after the screen star left fans marvelling at his camera reel when he shared a screenshot of several risqué photos to his social media account. 

The video and photo was seen by millions before the Boston native got rid of his post and it soon became the number one trending topic on Twitter. 

The post had his closest friends and family coming out in support with a series of rib-tickling tweets.

His brother Scott Evans, 36, posted: “Was off social media for the day yesterday. So. What’d I miss?”

While his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo, 52, joked: “@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself.

“See… silver lining.”

It wasn’t long before fans began sharing their own memes of the mishap and commenting. 

One delighted fan responded to the photo by writing, “Thank you, Chris Evans. We needed this.” 


While a third declared, “chris evans leaking chris evans nudes is the highlight of my saturday.”

Some fans weren’t fazed by the naughty snap but were more interested in the “guard that p***y” photo. 

As one social media user wrote, “i honestly don’t care about chris evans leaked nudes but i would like to hear the story behind this pic and why is it in his camera roll.”

Aside from his intimate photo, Chris was last seen on screens in Apple’s mini series Defending Jacob alongside Michelle Dockery.

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